Xiaomi Nepal Teases 7 New Products: What Could They Be?

Rojan Rajbhandari

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Xiaomi Secret 7

Xiaomi, the company behind popular smartphone names lines Mi, Redmi, and Poco, has never failed to deliver a mindblowing surprise to its fans. Whether it be a new flagship that comes with better features, or a new mid-range phone than comes with premium features and design, Xiaomi and Xiaomi Nepal has never let an opportunity to shine slip past their hands.

In keeping with the tradition, Xiaomi Nepal, the managing company for all Xiaomi products in Nepal, has teased the “Secret Seven” promo on their twitter and Facebook handles.

Speculating the ‘hints’: What could these products be?

Redmi Note 9 Pro:

Looking at the phone, battery, and charger emoji, I think it’s pretty obvious that they are hinting towards a variant of the Redmi Note 9, specifically the Note 9 Pro. With a 5020mAh battery and fast charging, this does seem to check all boxes. Fans have been begging for an official release of the Redmi Note 9 Pro, so this would be called for as well. This, if true, will definitely be great news for all Xiaomi enthusiasts in Nepal.

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Mi Band (4C or 5)

Another product most likely to be released is a new variant of the Mi Band. With improved features and stylish design, the Mi Band 5 is any smart band lover’s dream come true. Though, this comes at the slightly higher price point, which doesn’t exactly fare well in the current pandemic-market.

The Mi Band 4C, on the other hand, checks all boxes. It comes at an affordable price point, comes with extra features like heart rate monitors and fast-charging, which were previously only available in high-ranged smart bands. Read what makes the Mi Band 4C so exciting here.

Expanding beyond smartphones?

In the official press release of the Mi Router 4C, Sourabh Kothari, the Country Manager for Xiaomi Nepal was quoted saying:
“We are committed to launching non-smartphone products in Nepal and in the process bring technological innovations for everyone. With the fast growing internet population in the country, we saw a gap in the current router market. With amazing smart features, and a game-changing price, Mi Router 4C is set to disrupt the router market in Nepal.”
This could hint a lot of products, like the Mi TV box, sound bars, etc as well, which will be very interesting to see.

All in all, our only hope that a sudden price hike won’t be one of these seven ‘secrets’. 😉

Which products do you think will be launched? Which ones do you think will make the roll? Comment down below!

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