Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus and Zeblaze Btalk Plus Review

Sushmita Shrestha

Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus and Zeblaze Btalk Plus Review

Zeblaze, a renowned brand in the Nepali market for its budget-friendly smartwatches, has recently introduced two new models: the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus and the Zeblaze BTalk Plus. Priced at Rs. 3,990 and Rs. 2,499 respectively, these watches are now available on the official Daraz website. In this review, we’ll delve into the design, display, performance, battery capacity, and overall value proposition of both smartwatches. Let’s dive into the details without delay.

Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus and Zeblaze Btalk Plus Review


Talking about design and display, the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus has a curved rectangular shape with a plastic body and silicon strap for a wristband. In the strap, we can feel an engraved texture. The texture enhances both the look and feel, but unfortunately, it tends to hold onto dust particles, leading to frequent cleaning. The strap holder is made of plastic. Additionally, on the right side of the watch, there is a button made of aluminum alloy. This button serves as the menu button. Pressing it directly takes you to the menu options, and it also functions as a home button, returning you to the home screen.

Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus and Zeblaze Btalk Plus Review
Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus and Zeblaze Btalk Plus Review

In most watches, when you click the button, it takes you back step by step, which means you don’t have to keep opening the menu option every time. However, in this one, when you press back, it directly takes you to the home screen. While navigating the home menu, going back and forth felt a bit irritating to me.

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When it comes to discussing the Zeblaze Btalk Plus, it’s slightly smaller in size compared to the Zeblaze GTS 3. It also features a curved rectangular shape, but the front side showcases a flat display. Its back part is made of plastic. The wristband is made of fluoroelastomer, as claimed by the company, though it does give off a somewhat cheap feel; however, the overall design is nice.

On the right side, you can find the crown and button. The crown aids in navigation, allowing for easy changing of watch faces, while the button provides direct access to sport mode options.

Although the company hasn’t specified an IP rating for water and dust resistance, it can withstand normal splashes and dust exposure. However, I recommend avoiding use in conditions beyond this, as the company hasn’t provided specific ratings for such scenarios.


The Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus features a 2.15-inch curved AMOLED panel with a resolution of 415 x 505 pixels, which is its standout feature. The AMOLED panel ensures vibrant colors and excellent color saturation, enhancing the visual experience of apps and content. Additionally, it boasts an always-on display feature, which is a plus point. The claimed brightness of over 1000 nits ensures good visibility both indoors and outdoors, without any noticeable issues.

Zeblaze Btalk Plus Features
Zeblaze Btalk Plus Features

On the other hand, the Zeblaze Btalk Plus sports a smaller 2.03-inch IPS HD color panel. While it still provides decent color reproduction, the display may feel slightly less vibrant, especially with app icons and black labels appearing somewhat less saturated. The smaller display size and slightly lower screen-to-body ratio may make the bezel more noticeable, giving it a slightly dated appearance compared to the Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus. Although the brightness specifications are not specified for the Btalk Plus, it performs adequately indoors and outdoors at full brightness, without any significant visibility issues.

The Zeblaze Btalk Plus may exhibit slight lagginess during scrolling and animations, particularly noticeable in demanding conditions like outdoor use. However, overall, both models deliver satisfactory performance considering their price range.

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Both of them have normal features which are found at this affortable price, such as heart rate tracking, blood oxygen tracking, sleep tracking, stress monitoring, and so on. Which are expected in budget smartwatches nowadays. While sleep tracking and step tracking are adequate, I haven’t personally used features like heart rate tracking and SpO2 monitoring.

Zeblaze watch
Zeblaze watch

For fitness tracking, there are over 100 sports modes available, enabling you to track various activities and view detailed data ranging from calorie burn to heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Both watch supports the Fitcloudpro app, through which all data can be tracked.

Additionally, there are over 300 watch faces available for both watches, which can be easily selected and used through the app. By scanning the QR code provided in the app, you can download these watch faces.


Both support Bluetooth v5.2 for connectivity. Once the connection is established, you can easily use features like viewing music, controlling the camera shutter, and making Bluetooth phone calls. The GTS3 Plus has an in-built speaker and microphone, allowing you to receive calls directly from the watch.

Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus Features
Zeblaze GTS 3 Plus Features

The speaker is loud and clear, making both calls and music enjoyable, but the microphone’s quality isn’t as good, causing sound issues for the other side during calls. However, the Btalk Plus only allows Bluetooth phone calls without an inbuilt speaker and microphone.

Battery Backup

When it comes to battery backup, the GTS 3 Plus boasts a 300mAh battery, while the Btalk Plus is equipped with a 280mAh battery. Both watches support magnetic charging. It takes approximately one and a half hours for both to fully charge. Once fully charged, both smartwatches can easily last for around two weeks on a single charge.


When it comes to considering the budget watch segment and keeping an eye on design and features, both the Zeblaze GTS3 Plus and the Zeblaze Btalk seem like promising options. Thank you for tuning in, and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe to the channel for more updates. Stay tuned!

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