Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package: 4 Exclusive Packs

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Worldlink's PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package

Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package aims to elevate the gaming experience and foster the growth of esports talent on the global stage.

Worldlink, Nepal’s leading internet service provider, has introduced a set of four exclusive packages tailored for PUBG gamers. Acknowledging the immense popularity of PUBG Mobile and its significant influence on the gaming sector, the company aims to elevate the gaming experience. Through its recent partnership with PUBG Mobile, Worldlink is committed to enhancing gameplay. As a testament to this commitment, they have unveiled the “Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package.” This package is meticulously designed to create a seamless and unmatched gaming environment, catering to the vast community of PUBG enthusiasts throughout Nepal.

Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package

Worldlink’s latest offering features four distinct benefits designed to cater to passionate gamers. This includes the commitment to smoother gameplay, made possible by Worldlink’s meticulous optimization of networks to minimize disruptions caused by lag and delays. Leveraging advanced network architecture, the company has finely calibrated systems to achieve an exceptionally low latency rate. This translates into rapid responsiveness, empowering players to execute crucial last-second maneuvers with pinpoint precision.


The “Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package” is equipped with the capability to accelerate the downloading of updates and the uploading of content. This ensures that players remain up to date with the latest game enhancements. Additionally, the package includes dedicated 24/7 technical support tailored specifically for PUBG gamers. This ensures that any potential technical issues are swiftly attended to, maintaining an uninterrupted and immersive gaming journey.

Beyond the four exclusive packages, Worldlink’s offering guarantees a seamlessly immersive online multiplayer experience. This enables players to effortlessly collaborate and partake in competitive matches. Furthermore, the package optimizes the matchmaking process, effectively minimizing waiting times between games.

What features are in Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package?

The “PUBG Internet Package” includes two-speed options, 250/300 Mbps, and these packages can be subscribed for durations of either 3 or 12 months currently. For those opting for the 12-month package, a complimentary Nokia Beacon 1.1 router is included, which enhances connectivity. Furthermore, it’s encompasses internet services, customers have the option to include NETTV at an additional setup cost.

These exclusive Worldlink PUBG Mobile Gamers Packages are available to both existing Worldlink subscribers and new customers alike, ensuring that anyone seeking to elevate their gaming experience can benefit from these tailored offerings.

Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet PackagePrice
250Mbps – 3 monthsNPR 3,600
250Mbps – 12 months (Free Beacon 1.1)NPR 13,800
300Mbps – 3 monthsNPR 4,050
300Mbps – 12 months (Free Beacon 1.1)NPR 15,600
Worldlink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Internet Package

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