WorldLink introduces Photon 300 Mbps speed with Photon series

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WorldLink Photon 300 Mbps

Worldlink has always been providing their service with the best value of money in mind and with the introduction of the Photon series they are providing Photon 300 Mbps reliable internet connection to their users. To utilize this offer the user has to reconfigure their existing internet connection which requires at least two routers where one will be the normal router and the other will be the Nokia Beacon 1.1 which works just like a Wi-Fi repeater but with much better performance reliability utilizing the Mesh network. This will help to give seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house without disconnecting and reconnecting to a new network.

Currently, the Photon 300 internet is available in limited 20 locations which include places inside Kathmandu Valley. Let’s see the plans and pricing of the Photon 300 along with other charges.

Photon 300 Mbps

Plan with TV (3)Plan without TV
1 MonthRs 2200Rs 2100
3 MonthRs 6450Rs 6150
12 MonthRs 22000Rs 21000
Photon 300 Mbps Pricing
One Time ChargeDual Band (ONU)Drop WireDeposit (ONU)Smart Installation
1 MonthRs 2500Rs 500Rs 500Rs 3000
3 MonthRs 2000Rs 500Rs 500Rs 3000
12 MonthFreeFreeRs 500Rs 3000
Additional Setup Charge

Installation for Beacon 1.1 with Mesh System

For Every Unit of Beacon 1.1 Rental ChargeDeposit
1 MonthRs 4000Rs 2500
3 MonthRs 3000Rs 2500
12 MonthRs 2000Rs 2500
Beacon 1.1 With Mesh System Charge

According to WorldLink, the above price is only applicable for up to 2 Beacon 1.1 devices that can be set up in the same network and if the user wants to add an additional device to their residence then they have to pay additional Rs 8000.

Following are the installation charges that WorldLink will be charging.

One Time Charge for STBPrimary STBPrimary STB DepositSecondary STBSecondary STB Deposit
1 MonthRs 3000Rs 500Rs 2000Rs 500
3 MonthsRs 2500Rs 500Rs 2000Rs 500
12 MonthsFreeRs 500Rs 2000Rs 500
Installation Charges

This time around WorldLink is providing a smart installation service in which the WorldLink will recommend places where the router can be placed for better coverage. Along with that WorldLink technicians will be taking care of the installation of sockets and managing cables and mounting for the router.

What is Beacon 1.1?

Beacon 1.1 is a mesh router that is used to create or extend an existing network. This router creates a mesh of Wi-Fi networks throughout the residence that gives a user a seamless experience without disconnecting and reconnecting to a network. The router is able to able to operate at the speed of 867 Mbps and is able to support up to three devices in a single network.

So what do you think of Photon 300 Mbps internet from WorldLink. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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