WorldLink Dashain Offer: Dual-speed Internet Package at Old Price

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On the occasion of the Vijaya Dashami, WorldLink, the nation’s leading Internet service provider, has presented an appealing promotional offer. The WorldLink offered an amended dual-speed Internet package at the same old price in this festive season. Users can have a 40 Mbps internet for Rs 1,100 per month. In addition, if they select a 12-month package, users will also have a free net TV. However, clients wishing to subscribe for six months can also participate in the WorldLink’s Dashain offer.

WorldLink Dashain Offers and Discounts:

WorldLink celebrates the Dashain festival with its customers by presenting various discounts and offers. According to the Worldlink “दशैँकाे बहार Double उपहार!” offer, customers can get a dual-speed internet Package at the same price. Also, you will get an amazing gift worth 20,000/ with 12-month internet & TV Plans. This offer is valid for both existing and new clients.

Discounts available for One-time Internet set up charges:

The customers who opt for this promotion will have to pay Rs 1,317 per month for 40 Mbps of internet speed including NetTV. The company also has a 60 Mbps internet package for clients who choose to sign in annually with two NetTVs for Rs 1,200 per month. 

The customers who buy the same package for six months will have to pay Rs 1,434 a month. The rate for 40 Mbps and 50 Mbps internet packs previously, will now be the same for 80 Mbps and 100 Mbps internet packs. You can receive 80 Mbps of WorldLink internet package with 2 NetTVs on just Rs. 1400 each month if you opt for WorldLink’s annual plan. Likewise, a 100 Mbps package with three NetTVs only costs Rs 1,600 per month. The company noted this term applies to an internet package of 80Mbps and 100Mbps even for a six-month membership. 

WorldLink recently launched the fastest WLAN for tech-savvy players and professional gamers that demand faster internet connectivity. To attain the extraordinary internet speed of 300 Mbps they have cleverly installed several routers in the home and business which used mesh WiFi technology. In more than 11,000 places across the country, WorldLink has installed free Wi-Fi to provide internet access. While other users can only use up to 500 MB of data free of charge every day in these regions, the WorldLink customers utilize limitless WiFi. The deal will also be valid for customers who are planning to renew the existing WorldLink package.

It appears to be an excellent time to change your ISP. An internet package is offered on budget with the guarantee of the fastest internet speed. What do you think? Is this the strategy to attract more customers or will they keep their promise? Let us know what you think via the comment section.

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