Wi-Fi Nepal provides 30 Mbps internet @Rs.400

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Wi-Fi Nepal

The new internet service provider Wi-Fi Nepal is coming soon that is going to focus on quality and value.

With all the competition and speed war among internet service providers. Ritesh Raj Singh Shrestha, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wi-Fi Nepal informed that Wi-Fi Nepal is going to provide the cheapest internet package available in Nepal which is coming to the market on Wednesday.

According to him, Wi-Fi Nepal is about to provide 30 Mbps and 50 Mbps internet packages only in Kathmandu Valley for now. Eventually, we will expand the service across the country to connect everyone to internet access at an affordable price.

About the packages, 30 Mbps and 50 Mbps are going to be available at Rs. 400 and Rs. 550 per month excluding VAT. Consumers who connect to 30 Mbps internet will have to pay a monthly fee of Rs. 400 and a router fee of Rs. 1,500. Similarly, 50 Mbps internet will be Rs. 550 and router fee of Rs. 1,500.

Consumers have the option to renew by paying monthly or more. They can also get the discount facilities by paying a fee of more than one month while renewing. As the internet is high in price, consumers tend to share and use it. The company claims that this package is the cheapest package available in Nepal.

Ritesh Raj Singh Shrestha says, ” We focus on quality and value of our service.”

He also claims that his company can easily connect with any consumer, which will help in ensuring access to the internet for everyone. Booking is open for both packages just by clicking the company’s website.

Wi-Fi Nepal is currently planning to provide internet only for home use. The company has a plan to operate consumer service centers in different places of the valley with the expansion of services and to provide other various facilities.

As the internet is an essential service, Wi-Fi Nepal claims to be equal with their packages to all types of consumers. There is more to come with our services which will be more affordable in the coming days.

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