WhatsApp has brought out multi-device functionality |To all iOS and Android users

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WhatsApp Multi devices access

WhatsApp has brought out multi-device functionality to all iOS and Android users, allowing users to use the app on up to four linked devices without the need for a smartphone connection. Here, we will learn more about WhatsApp’s multi-device access capability without using a smartphone.

WhatsApp Multi-device Access Short Outlook:

WhatsApp has begun rolling out its much-anticipated multi-device capability to a substantial number of Android and iOS customers. In addition users may use the new function to connect up to four devices to WhatsApp at once. Allowing them to send and receive messages even when their phones are not connected to the Internet. Furthermore, If you use WhatsApp on a desktop or Mac, the upgrade is beneficial.

How to link your WhatsApp account:

WhatsApp Multi devices access

It’s important to remember that to get multi-device compatibility. It must be using the most recent WhatsApp version. Because this feature is currently in the “beta” it may cause some stability concerns for the time being. Furthermore, WhatsApp Web, Desktop, and Portal are the only platforms supported. Meanwhile, WhatsApp hasn’t provided the ability to link an Android or iPhone as a secondary device yet. You can’t use multi-device support to connect your WhatsApp account to an Android tablet or iPad right now.

  1. Go to WhatsApp, then Settings > Linked Devices > Multi-Device Beta to join the multi-device beta.
  2. Return to the Linked Devices screen and press the Link a Device button to add a new device to the list.
  3. Finally, click “Join beta,” which will give you access to your WhatsApp account across several devices.
  4. To link your secondary device to your WhatsApp account, you must now scan a QR code on your primary smartphone.

WhatsApp will allow you to send and receive messages from your other device once you’ve linked your devices. If you don’t explicitly log out, you’ll be able to see your previous messages on the secondary device, and you’ll be able to receive and send messages for up to 14 days.

Access and Availability

With the latest update, the feature is now available to WhatsApp users all over the world. WhatsApp is rumored to be working on an iPad version of its app. The Meta-owned firm has hinted that the launch of multi-device functionality will bring the iPad version closer to availability. This feature, however, does not operate with an iPhone.

Final thoughts

The new features allow WhatsApp users to send and receive messages on a secondary device even if their primary smartphone is not connected to the internet that appears to be highly useful to users.

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