“Vivo’s Big Sale: Older Phones Now 20-40% Cheaper!”

Sushmita Shrestha


Vivo REvivoLUTION Sale: Grab older models 20-40% off! Don’t miss discounts on V25 5G, V25e, Y22s, Y20s, and Y1s. Limited time offers.

Vivo has recently initiated a price reduction on some of its older budget and midrange smartphone models through the “REvivoLUTION” campaign. As part of this effort, the prices of these older Vivo models have been slashed by 20 to 40% compared to their original launch prices. This article will delve into the details of the ongoing Vivo REvivoLUTION sale, highlighting discounted offers and more.

Vivo REvivoLUTION Sale Overview:

The Vivo REvivoLUTION Sale clearance sale aims to clear out the remaining stock of older smartphone models, making it a clearance sale. An excellent opportunity for those who prefer not to invest in the latest models and are looking to purchase Vivo phones at significantly discounted prices.

The sale will last until the 11th of January only so grab it now! Here’s a list containing the names of all the Vivo Clearance Phones along with their discounted prices, and you can find the purchase links below:

SmartphonesRegular PriceDiscounted Price (official link)
Vivo V25 5G (8/128GB)NPR 52,999NPR 41,999
Vivo V25e (8/128GB)NPR 39,999NPR 31,999
Vivo Y22s (6/128GB)NPR 25,499NPR 17,999
Vivo Y20s (4/128GB)NPR 23,999NPR 14,999
Vivo Y1s (2/32GB)NPR 13,599NPR 9,999
Vivo REvivoLUTION Sale

Conclusion- Vivo is offering a special sale where you can now buy their older phones at a much lower cost, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. This initiative allows customers to get good deals on Vivo smartphones that were once priced higher at their launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Vivo REvivoLUTION Sale?

The REvivoLUTION Sale is Vivo’s initiative to offer significant discounts on some of its older budget and midrange smartphone models, ranging from 20 to 40% cheaper than their original launch prices.

Is this sale a clearance sale?

Yes, the REvivoLUTION Sale is a clearance sale aimed at clearing out the remaining stock of older Vivo smartphone models.

Why should I consider purchasing older Vivo models during this sale?

If you’re looking to save money and are not inclined to invest in the latest models, the REvivoLUTION Sale provides an opportunity to buy older Vivo phones at discounted prices.

Which Vivo models are included in the REvivoLUTION Sale?

The sale includes various models such as Vivo V25 5G, Vivo V25e, Vivo Y22s, Vivo Y20s, and Vivo Y1s. Detailed pricing information can be found in the article.

Tell me more about the Vivo V25 5G specifications and its discounted price.

The Vivo V25 5G features a MediaTek Dimensity 900 chipset, 8GB RAM, and 128GB storage. It has a 4500mAh battery and a 6.45-inch FHD+ AMOLED display. The discounted price is NPR 41,999 from the original NPR 52,999.

Are there additional offers or gifts with the purchase of Vivo phones during this sale?

Yes, Vivo is offering gifts such as TWS earbuds with the purchase of other Vivo phones until the 11th of January. Check Vivo’s official channels for more details.

When does the REvivoLUTION Sale end?

The REvivoLUTION Sale is until the 11th of January 2024.

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