Samsung’s Projector Smartwatch: Next-gen smartwatch

Sushmita Shrestha

Samsung's Projector Smartwatch

Nex-Gen Samsung’s Projector Smartwatch is said to feature an in-house projector.

Yet again Samsung is rumored to include a projector in its upcoming smartwatches. In 2012, the business unveiled the Galaxy Beam, the first projector smartphone ever. They are now mesmerized by the ability to use a smartwatch and a projector together.

Samsung’s Projector Smartwatch

Samsung's Projector Smartwatch
Samsung’s Projector Smartwatch

Unquestionably, Samsung produces one of the greatest smartwatches on the global market. Its latest smartwatches series, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series is one of the best smartwatches series compared to its predecessor. It got lots of advantages and plus points for its price range and high-end specifications.

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Now the company is growing its smartwatch market, it is working on a new smartwatch that will have an integrated projector as a part of its feature to enhance its wearables game.

A new patent for a “Wearable Electronic Device Incorporating Projection Display” revealed the smartwatch. Also, the publicized schematics provide us with a general sense of Samsung’s upcoming wearable design.

How do Projector Smartwatches works?

It might be as simple as it says, the watches may show graphics on the back of the hands. According to reports, Samsung is said to do this by projecting a wider view of the smartwatch display. While using a variety of lenses and LED emitters that are positioned at an angle.

Users will get to experience full control over the projections accordingly to their satisfaction. They will be able to have full control over the luminance and focal length of the display.

Moreover, the company may also include features that provide LED to intelligently tilt either clockwise or anticlockwise based on the position and angle of the individual wrist surface that is being detected.

Adding to that or we could say more fascinating features, the wearables will have similar secondary monitoring functions. Samsung may also offer users the option of projecting content other than what is seen on the primary screen.

Additionally, as per reports, the smartwatches will get illustrations showing a square-dialed watch rather than the circular one shown on the next-gen Samsung Smartwatches.

Samsung’s Projector Smartwatch Availability

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