Samsung TV Price in Nepal [2024 May Update]

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Samsung TV Price in Nepal

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Samsung TV price in Nepal, encompassing both the existing models and the recently unveiled televisions for the year 2023. (Samsung TV Price in Nepal)

Samsung TVs in Nepal

As the world’s foremost television manufacturer, Samsung holds an impressive share of approximately 25% in the global market. Renowned for their quality and refinement, Samsung TVs span the spectrum from basic LED models to the pinnacle of technology represented by QLED and micro-LED offerings.

For decades, Samsung has been a stalwart in the Nepali market, consistently introducing new television models across a range of price points annually. Notably, two distinguished distributors, Him Electronics and Triveni Byapar, serve as the conduits for Samsung TVs in Nepal. To ensure an authentic purchase, it is advisable to source your Samsung TV from either of these reputable distributors. (Samsung TV Price in Nepal)

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Samsung TV Price in Nepal

Samsung’s diverse TV series have made their mark in Nepal, commencing with budget-friendly HD/LED TVs and ascending to the pinnacle of visual experience with high-resolution 4K/8K OLED TVs. Leveraging unparalleled technology and innovative features, these televisions present captivating high-resolution imagery with impeccable detail.

Presented here is an extensive compilation of officially available Samsung TV models in Nepal. Additionally, we have meticulously gathered details regarding the ongoing New Year 2079 discounts on Samsung TVs, offering you a comprehensive insight into the range of options and savings opportunities. (Samsung TV Price in Nepal)

Samsung TVsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
Frame 4K QLED TVs
QA65LS03B65-inches UHD 4K (Frame)Rs. 432,990
QA55LS03B55-inches UHD 4K (Frame)Rs. 319,990
QA85Q60B85-inches QLED UHD 4KRs. 630,990
QA75Q60C75-inches QLED UHD 4KRs. 378,990
QA75Q60B75-inches QLED UHD 4KRs. 378,990
QA65Q60B65-inches QLED UHD 4KRs. 299,990
QA55Q60B55-inches QLED UHD 4KRs. 189,990
AU-series UHD TVs
UA43AU760043-inches UHD 4KRs. 79,990
UA43AU770043-inches UHD 4KRs. 101,990
UA55AU770055-inches UHD 4KRs. 139,990
UA65AU770065-inches UHD 4KRs. 189,990
BU-series UHD TVs
UA75BU800075-inches UHD 4KRs. 324,990
UA85BU800085-inches UHD 4KRs. 464,990
UA43T541043-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 65,490
UA43T540043-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 74,990
UA43T550043-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 89,990

Samsung Frame 4K QLED TVs

Samsung Nepal New Year 2079: Neo QLED TV
Samsung Neo QLED TV

Samsung envisions revolutionizing the TV landscape in your living room with its offerings that boast razor-sharp imagery, ultra-bright luminosity, and astonishingly vibrant hues. The aim is to redefine how TVs seamlessly integrate into your living space. In parallel, Samsung’s 2021 iteration of the Frame 4K QLED TVs transcends the ordinary home entertainment encounter. The expansive rectangular frame surrounding the 4K QLED TV mirrors the aesthetics of a genuine picture frame. This design enables you to tailor the bezels of these TVs to align with your personal tastes while harmonizing effortlessly with your surroundings.

Collectively, the Samsung QLED TVs promise to elevate the viewing experience of movies, sports, gaming, and any content displayed on the screen to unparalleled heights. (Samsung TV Price in Nepal)

Model NumberScreen SizePrice in Nepal
QA55LS03B55-inches UHD 4KRs. 319,990
QA65LS03B65-inches UHD 4KRs. 432,990
Samsung Frame 4K QLED TVs Price in Nepal

Samsung QLED TVs

Samsung Nepal New Year 2079: QLED TV
Samsung QLED TV

Moving forward, the lineup includes Samsung QLED TVs, which employ quantum dots in lieu of liquid crystals to amplify the spectrum of colors displayed on the television screen. Notably, this series boasts elevated brightness levels, outshining a majority of other TVs in the market that are equipped with lower luminance configurations. Samsung TV Price in Nepal

Moreover, QLED TVs excel in generating a broader array of colors and achieving superior black levels compared to their LED counterparts. This results in visuals or content exhibited on QLED TVs manifesting with heightened vibrancy and enhanced contrast. (Samsung TV Price in Nepal)

Samsung QLEDSize & Resolution Price in Nepal
QA55Q60B55-inches UHD 4KRs. 189,990
QA65Q60B65-inches UHD 4KRs. 299,990
QA75Q60B75-inches UHD 4KRs. 378,990
QA75Q60C75-inches UHD 4KRs. 378,990
QA85Q60B85-inches UHD 4KRs. 630,990
Samsung QLED TVs Price in Nepal

Samsung AU-series (2021) UHD TVs

Samsung AU-series (2021) UHD TVs Nepal
Samsung AU-series (2021) UHD TVs Nepal

Designated as the AU series, the Samsung UHD TV lineup for 2021 is a direct successor to the previous year’s TU series. Across this series, each television is equipped with Dynamic Contrast Technology, while the more advanced models also showcase the innovative Ambient Mode feature. (Samsung TV Price in Nepal)

Further elevating the experience, the upscale AU8000 televisions showcase a Flat Lift stand and an Air Slim design. A noteworthy environmental initiative is the use of recycled materials in crafting the remote and packaging for the AU-labeled TVs. Intriguingly, these televisions extend compatibility to both Windows and Mac platforms, enabling effortless connectivity with devices running on either system. Samsung TV Price in Nepal

Samsung AU-SeriesSize & Resolution Price in Nepal 
UA43AU770043-inches UHD 4KRs. 101,990
UA55AU770055-inches UHD 4KRs. 139,990
UA65AU770065-inches UHD 4KRs. 189,990
Samsung AU-series (2021) UHD TVs in Nepal

Samsung BU-series (2022) UHD TVs

Samsung BU-series (2022) UHD TVs Nepal
Samsung BU-series (2022) UHD TVs Nepal

Moving on, we delve into the Crystal 4K UHD TVs, Samsung’s non-QLED smart TV line featuring robust Crystal 4K processors. The latest models, categorized under the BU series, currently encompass the 75-inch and 85-inch variants of the BU8000 available in Nepal. These TVs boast adjustable stands (HAS) and offer support for the “Lite” version of Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound. Similar to the Q60B series, they come equipped with the SolarCell Remote. (Samsung TV Price in Nepal)

Samsung BU-seriesSize & Resolution Price in Nepal
UA75BU800075-inches UHD 4KRs. 324,990
UA85BU800085-inches UHD 4KRs. 464,990
Samsung BU-series (2022) UHD TVs in Nepal

Samsung HD and FHD LED TVs

While Samsung is embracing the streaming era’s transformative wave through its 4K and 8K QLED TVs, they continue to offer budget-friendly HD and Full HD Samsung TV Price in Nepal. These televisions harmoniously blend quality, size, and affordability.

If your intent is primarily to access channels via a set-top box (STB) without a substantial financial commitment, the HD/FHD TVs present an ideal choice. In Nepal, Samsung presently markets HD and FHD TVs spanning sizes from 32 to 43 inches. (Samsung TV Price in Nepal)

These TVs come inclusive of a two-year warranty, mirroring the coverage of the other TVs featured in the lineup. Additionally, they incorporate Samsung’s “HyperReal Engine,” ensuring optimal preservation of color, contrast, and motion rate.

Samsung FHD TVsSize & Resolution Price in Nepal
UA32T4400 ARHXE32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 55,990
UA32T4500 ARHXE32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 62,990
UA43T541043-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 65,490
UA43T540043-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 74,990
UA43T550043-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 89,990
Samsung HD and FHD LED TVs

Is there an authorized Samsung TVs distributor in Nepal?

Samsung Plaza is an authorized store/online store where you can purchase Samsung televisions. Meanwhile, you can find several Samsung TVs from an official store that sells Samsung TVs in Nepal. You can contact the stores listed below:

List of Samsung Authorized Stores for Samsung TVs

OutletsAddressContact Number
Electronics Plaza           Kumaripati, Lalitpur         01-5553742
Trimurti Radio and Watch Pasal           Narayanghat056-571491
Nagarjun Trading HousePokhara        061-532187
Manakamana Electronics House           Nepalgunj     081-411066
Mahendra Ratna Store  Birtamode    023-543301/023-543628
Bhagawati Multi Suppliers      Butwal           9852673032
Kritima Electronics   Laxmi Chowk, Dharan          9842587481
Durbarmarg Plaza           Kathmandu  01-4230378/4230382
Pulchowk Plaza           Kathmandu  01-5010781
Civil Mall Plaza           Kathmandu  01-4252281
Bhaktapur Plaza           Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur    01-6619102
Baneshwor Plaza           Kathmandu  01-4781911
Bouddha Plaza           Kathmandu  01-4493388
List of Samsung Authorized Stores for Samsung TVs

(Samsung TV Price in Nepal)

Disclaimer: We have endeavored to gather current information and contact details for diverse Samsung TV showrooms in Nepal. Nevertheless, the aforementioned list of Samsung TV showrooms may not be exhaustive. Furthermore, there is a possibility that certain service centers have undergone changes to their contact numbers. Rest assured, we will diligently maintain this post, ensuring it remains up to date with forthcoming revisions as they come to our attention.

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