Samsung Galaxy Note 20: News and Leaks

Rojan Rajbhandari

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung has a long history of opening up its Note flagships with the latest and greatest chipsets that it has to offer. The company’s Exynos processor has had numerous developments in the past few years. And right now it’s pretty safe to say it might be on par with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip-sets of similar build. According to the latest Note 20 leaks, Samsung might actually use a 5nm Exynos processor in its Galaxy Note 20 series: the Exynos 992.

“Eh, Exy… what?” some of you might be complaining in confusion. And I don’t blame you for that either. The whole business is pretty confusing.

What Chip-sets Are and Why They Matter:

A chip-set is just a fancy name for a group of Integrated Circuits (IC’s). These special IC’s connect to serve as the ‘brain’ of any device (a smartphone in this context). These mobile chips have integrated slots for functions like graphics processing, connection modems, central processing, and even neural processing (for AI).

Back to the matter at hand, the Exynos 992 is a 5nm chipset. So, this means that it is a lot more efficient than the 7nm Exynos 990 in the Galaxy S20 series. According to experts, this 5nm design could use up to 50% less power and have a 25% performance improvement over the 7nm Exynos 990 used in the Samsung Galaxy S20 line.

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This 5nm chip-set will use ARM’s Cortex-A78 CPU’s and the Mali-G78 GPU. It’s pretty obvious that this will make the phone a complete powerhouse when it releases into the market

Needless to say, this is be very interesting to see.

More Leaks Sure to Come:

Fans seem to be pretty hyped about this news. This news of hardware hotness has joined other bits and pieces of info like the official color schemes (Grey, Copper, Green and Black). Meanwhile, the amount of leaks we have related to the Samsung Note 20 is continuing to increase. What other information will the leaks unfold, which they eventually pretty certainly will, is something everyone’s waiting to see.

The Galaxy Note 20 is scheduled to release in August 2020. Estimates put the price of the Note 20 to around $949 but the final price hasn’t been officially declared yet.

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