Rode Wireless GO 2 is available in Nepal with double transmitters

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Rode Wireless GO 2 Price in Nepal

Rode Wireless GO 2 comes with a cutting-edge wireless microphone system, dual-channel transmitters, and receivers.

Highlights of Rode Wireless GO 2

Rode, a reputable Australian company producing top-notch microphones, has introduced the wireless Go 2, are revolutionary wireless microphone system boasting dual-channel transmitters and receivers.

  • revolutionary wireless microphone system
  • dual-channel transmitters and receivers
  • world’s smallest wireless microphone setup
  • auto-paired transmitters
  • ensure quality recording
  • rechargeable battery

The Rode Wireless Go 2 is a premium and revolutionary wireless microphone system that gives up to seven hours of typical usage. Along with twist-and-lock furry windshields for use in windy weather conditions. In this article, let’s get into the specifications, features, and official price of the Rode Wireless Go 2 in Nepal.

What is the price of Rode Wireless Go 2 in Nepal?
The Rode Wireless Go 2 is set at Rs. 39,999 for the double transmitter version in Nepal.

Rode Wireless Go 2 Specifications

Acoustic PrinciplePre-polarised pressure transducer
Polar PatternOmnidirectional
Frequency Response50Hz – 20kHz
Maximum SPL100db SPL (1kHz @ 1m) dBU
Power RequirementIn-built rechargeable, Li-ion battery via USB 5V, 0.3A
Operating TimeUp to 7 hours
Analog I/O3.5mm TRS
WeightTX (30g), RX (32g)
Rode Wireless Go 2 Specifications

Compact and Portable Design

It is an incredibly compact and portable design, Rode claims that this is the world’s smallest truly wireless microphone system. Both the transmitters and receivers weigh less than 32 grams, elevating the convenience factor. The microphone offers a 3.5mm TRS analog output for camera connections and a USB Type-C port for digital audio output, compatible with smartphones and computers. The Wireless GO 2 is available in two versions: with a single transmitter or with double transmitters.


Professional Wireless Audio Recording

It comes with auto-paired transmitters and receivers, ensuring seamless and hassle-free operation. Rode has incorporated its Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission technology, featuring 128-bit encryption. This technology enables the microphone to achieve a delivery range of up to 200 meters in a line-of-sight scenario.

Rode Wireless GO 2 Performance
Rode Wireless GO 2 Performance

Moreover, each transmitter is equipped with an omnidirectional condenser capsule, enabling wireless recording without the need for external microphones. Rode claims that the microphone maintains stable performance even in busy environments such as shopping malls, streets, and convention centers.

Battery & Other Features

Powering the device is a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, offering an impressive usage time of up to 7 hours. Likewise, the microphone package includes twist-and-lock furry windshields, designed to effectively reduce wind noise during recording in blustery conditions.

Rode Wireless Go 2 Price in Nepal and Availability

The Rode Wireless Go 2 is set at Rs. 39,999 for the double transmitter version in Nepal. You can now purchase the product from any authorized store across Nepal or from Hukut.

MicPrice in Nepal (Official)
Rode Wireless Go 2 (Double Transmitters)NPR 39,999
Rode Wireless Go 2 Price in Nepal

Conclusions –the Rode’s Wireless GO 2 is a wireless microphone technology, offering an impressively compact design, streamlined functionality, and exceptional audio quality. With its auto-pairing transmitters, cutting-edge 2.4GHz digital transmission, and built-in omnidirectional condenser capsules, it stands as a versatile tool for professionals seeking convenience and performance in various recording scenarios. The system’s longevity, thanks to the rechargeable battery, and its wind noise mitigation measures further enhance its value. Rode’s Wireless GO 2 emerges as a robust solution for creators, filmmakers, journalists, and anyone in need of top-tier wireless audio capture.

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