Popular Messaging App WhatsApp Down For Hours

Susmita Baruwal

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WhatsApp went down on all platforms, hampering 2 Billion users yesterday evening. The issues started at around 4 PM ET and prolonged for about an hour. Millions of users poured in to check the issue status from twitter after the term WhatsApp down (#whatsappdown) became trending.

WhatsApp Down:

The issue prevented WhatsApp users from sending and receiving messages. The app would open normally, but none of its services were available.

Though the issue was solved quickly, it affected more than 2 billion users worldwide. This is the first time that the app has had significant service issues like this for such a prolonged period. According to the outage tracker Down Detector, a surge in outages were reported mostly in Europe and Brazil. The application was displaying the connecting screen and was not refreshing at all.

Most of the outrage came from social networking site Twitter from users checking whether WhatsApp was down or not. The app has encountered some issues back a couple of times. Even if the problem was small, to begin with, having billions of users worldwide, and many continually pouring into check-in at the same time caused this issue to have a pretty huge effect.

Similar incidents before yesterday:

A year ago, there was some issue that persisted for about two hours. The outrage came along with Facebook and Instagram. However, it wasn’t until yesterday that such an issue repeated itself on that scale. Facebook and Instagram, two other services owned by Facebook seemed unaffected this time around

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