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The Pokémon Go creator Niantic has launched Pikmin Bloom Game worldwide. The company announced Pikmin Bloom Game in March as part of new cooperation between Niantic and Nintendo. Pikmin Bloom is a new Augmented Reality Game application designed to get people outdoors and walking. Initially, the app will be available in Singapore and Australia. Later, the game will be available globally on Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android) for downloading. 

Testimonials given during the trailer launch of Pickmin Bloom Game

CEO John Hanke from Niantic said, “We experimented with different gameplay types and different characters with Nintendo. After many experiments and discussions, Pikmin turned out to be the best means for expressing what Nintendo is doing well and what Niantic does well in a single game.”

Meanwhile, Shigeru Miyamoto said, “It was a new experience and lots of fun for me and everyone at Niantic to help shape this application. I hope that everyone will be able to create lasting memories with Pikmin.”

About Pikmin Bloom Game

Pikmin Bloom Game
Pikmin Bloom Game

The app uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring the mysterious Plant-like colorful creatures called Pikmin on your regular walk. You can’t see them with naked eyes, but soon after you start growing and plucking the Pikmin, they will join you on your journey. The company is trying to “spice up” your boring routes with this Pikmin. Hence, allowing you to interact with your Pikmin. In this way, you would not feel alone when you go to the park or the grocery store. Moreover, your Pikmin may bring you gift-containing items after your friendship reaches a certain threshold. These gifts will later help them to become Decor Pikmin.

Similarly, the genre of Pikmin console games is often adventurous, filled with several strategy games. It involves fighting in which you grow and command Pikmin’s groups as if they were an army. On the contrary, this application is more tranquil. Here, you plant Pikmin, which will automatically grow while you walk, then you pluck them. You will make friends with more Pikmin on every walk.

What it looks like playing with Pikmin?

Pikmin Bloom Game
Pikmin Bloom Game

In Pikmin Bloom, the main aim is to collect and grow new creatures in the early stages. For that, you need to walk more often. Similarly, you can gather new seeds into your planter pack. To grow them into a full-blown Pikmin, you need to acquire a certain number of steps. 

Furthermore, you can also feed your Pikmin nectar that causes it to bloom. Then, collect and save their petals. Later you can use them to plant flowers on your walks. On top of that, walking with your Pikmin helps your Pikmin seedlings to grow. Similarly, you are also leaving a floral trail that gives your Pikmin the chance to collect items. Unlike another genre of Pikmin game, Pikmin Bloom’s focuses on collaboration and cooperation. In this game, you plant gardens with others and challenge players to win rewards.

Daily Lookback

Pikmin Bloom Game

Pikmin Bloom is not just a game but is your day keeper. It is a journal that allows you to look back over the path you walked in a day. Moreover, this app will help you to create a diary entry that lets you add photos. Hence, reminding you about the day.

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