Mivi Duopods K7 Review: Good earbuds at the price

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Mivi Duopods K7 Review

Mivi has a great presence in the Nepalese market and has been getting lots of positive reviews on eCommerce sites lately. So we have tried to test the Mivi Duopods K7 which is the latest offering in the TWS segment from the Mivi. So let’s look into how these earbuds have performed during my testing period.

Mivi Duopods K7 Review

Packaging and Unboxing

The packaging of the Mivi Duopods K7 is similar to the other offerings from the Mivi with its branding on the front, key highlighted features at the back, and tagline on the sides.

Inside the Duopods K7 package, one can find the paperwork at the top followed by the earbuds and the charging cables, and a few earbuds rubber tips.

Mivi Duopods K7 Box Content
Mivi Duopods K7 Box Content

Look and feel

The earbuds case is glossy and gives a premium vibe. At the front, the earbuds have a charging and battery indicator and at the back, it has a USB Type C charging port. Similarly, at the top, there is Mivi’s branding.

Although the Duopods K7 looks premium with the glossy finish the earbuds are a total fingerprint magnet you need to wipe them regularly. Saying that it does not mean the earbuds are bad, it fits perfectly in the ear.

The earbuds are plastic built however the metallic finish in the back of the earbuds gives it a pleasing look and feel. Along with the look and feel the earbuds are touch sensitive and multi-functional. Below is the list of functions that the earbuds have.

FunctionsLeft Earbuds (L)Right Earbuds (R)
Play/PauseSingle TapSingle Tap
Previous TrackDouble Tap
Next TrackDouble Tap
Decrease VolumePress and hold
Increase VolumePress and hold
Answer/End CallSingle TapSingle Tap
Reject CallTouch and hold for 2 secondsTouch and hold for 2 seconds
Activate Gaming ModeTriple Tap
Voice Assistance Triple Tap
Answer Third Party CallDouble TapDouble Tap
Mivi Duopods K7 Functions

Sound and Call Quality

Mivi Duopods K7 has good sound quality compared with various other brands competing in the price segment. The music sounds good, Highs, Mids, and Low frequencies are decent and the bass on the earbuds is okay. The vocals and the instrument separation are also decent and has good pretty good latency of 50ms (Gaming Mode) which has to be manually turned on. Although it has to be turned on manually I did not face any issues related to latency during the testing period. Also, the call quality is decent and another person can hear the sound nice and loud. You can listen to the sound sample that was recorded from the earbuds and decide how it sounds.

mivi duopods k7 voice sample

Mivi Duopods K7 has a 13mm audio driver and during the testing period, I have not faced any issues related to sound distortion. However, it is worth mentioning that I do not listen to music on full sound for long periods.


Duopods K7 comes with Bluetooth Version 5.3 which gives it a better connectivity and range. During the testing phase, I did not face any sort of connectivity issue. The earbuds auto-connect to the previously connected device however the device is unable to connect to multiple devices simultaneously which is a bit of a hassle in real-world scenarios.


Mivi claims 10 hours of battery life however during my normal uses the battery life is good. However, I do not listen or use earbuds for long periods so I was not able to test the claimed battery life but during my usage, I have never felt the battery low issue. I have charged the earbuds case 2 times during my testing period which was of 15 days.


In conclusion, the Mivi Duopods K7 can be a good choice for the price by comparing the features and design of the other earbuds available in the market. The decent sound, metallic finish, ergonomic design, AI ENC, and other features make it a value for money.

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