MicroLED Apple Watch reschedule for 2026: Challenges

Sushmita Shrestha

MicroLED Apple Watch reschedule

The microLED Apple Watch has been postponed due to challenges posed by elevated expenses and limited production output. LG, the supplier of displays for Apple, has acquired 14 patents to enhance the yield rate.

Originally, Apple intended to introduce its inaugural Watch incorporating a microLED screen in the year 2025. The inclusion of this novel display variety has the potential to elevate the device’s operational efficiency and user interaction, fitting well within Apple’s dedication to employing top-tier technology.

Nevertheless, owing to technological limitations that have an impact on the manufacturing process, the release of the microLED-equipped Apple Watch has been rescheduled to the year 2026. In this article, we provide you with further insights into the existing technological hurdle and the approaches Apple plans to adopt to surmount these challenges.

Obstacles in MicroLED Productions

MicroLED Apple Watch reschedule
MicroLED Apple Watch reschedule

LG, the primary provider of miceoLED panels for Apple’s Watch, is striving to render the production of these panels viable for the forthcoming device. Presently, manufacturing of microLED displays is significantly costly due to limited output rates. The complexity of creating these displays at the microscopic level contributes to the challenging and intricate manufacturing process.


A significant proportion of the panels produced fail to meet the required quality standards, leading to increased costs. LG is said to have developed a solution to address the issue of defective microLED panels. However, ever implementing this solution involves substantial expenses in the current scenario.

LG’s Strategy for Overcoming Technological Challenges

LG takes a proactive approach to overcoming challenges, they made progress by obtaining a collection of patents. This acquisition specifically entails the procurement of 14 patents from a Taiwanese company called Ultra Display Technology. These patents are focused on enhancing the precision and reliability of placing micro-size chips during the manufacturing process. This approach is likely to contribute to an increase in the production yield to some extent.

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MicroLED Apple Watch Availability

In terms of availability, the initial Apple Watch model incorporating microLED panels will be the variant labeled as the “Ultra” version. This technology is foreseen to eventually make its way into the standard iterations of the Apple Watch, provided that the manufacturing process is further optimized and the associated costs become more controllable.

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