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KORU Smart Plant Pot

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the physical objects integrated with software, electronics, network connectivity, and sensors that can collect data and exchange it. The Internet of Things has various applications in all fields, including homes, industry, transport and travel, health care retail, agriculture, and many more. Similarly, IoT and home automation are stepping up their pace. Moreover, the Home Automation system is not limited to the distribution of water and electricity, lighting, and security. The IoT can now be activated in gardening as well. As a result, many companies have come up with IoT-enabled Smart Plant Pot.

It might sound unusual, but you can now take good care of your house plants even in your absence. Different companies such as Botany Labs, Xiaomi, and Lua have released a Smart Plant Pot. This Smart Plant Pot can water the plants, track the humidity, temperature, and emotions of plants. In this article, we will discuss the “KORU” Smart Plant Pot. The Botany Labs have manufactured the “KORU” Smart Plant Pot with SaM Solutions.  It is an IoT embedded Pot for your Smart Garden.

What is the “KORU” Smart Plant Pot?

The “Koru” Smart Plant Pot is a great device that helps if you are not around your home. In general, the biggest concern remains in house plants when you leave your house for the vacation. Some plants could die in our absence. But with Koru Smart Plant Pot, you don’t have to worry during your holiday or while we visit our relatives and don’t have a chance to be physically present at home. The IoT technology equipped with the Smart Plat Pot takes care of our plants during our absence. This pot is embedded with IoT intelligence sensors to monitor the flora and control plant care. With this state-of-the-art device, you can set up an automated watering for four to six weeks and create an ideal environment for our plant. It also improves air quality, which has a positive impact on our health.

What is the motivation behind the Smart Plant Pot?

KORU Smart Plant Pot
KORU Smart Plant Pot

Botany Labs aims to develop IoT-enabled consumer electronics for plant care that help in air purification as well. Their idea was to create products that monitor and analyze the health of their plants through a mobile app. Hence, they developed the “Koru” Smart Plant pot, which is control via a mobile app that can take care of the plant in the absence of humans.

Although the start-up had strong internal expertise in specific technologies and plant care, they needed advanced and particular knowledge in software and hardware development to create an MVP and to bring its product to the market. That is when the Botany Labs approached Sam Solutions and partnered with them.

Technologies used during development?

KORU Smart Plant Pot(https://plantkoru.com/)

According to Sam Solution, the Botany Labs required expertise across the different technologies to turn the ideas of a Smart Plant Pot and air purifier into reality. The Smart Pot has used the following technologies:

  • IoT
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Hardware

The MVP needs to have the following functionalities:

  •  Multifunctional cloud-connected hardware device.
  •  Sensors that can store and transmit collected data automatically to the cloud.
  •  Mobile application (iOS and Android) for a user to control, analysis and monitor devices remotely.


For IoT hardware component sampling, they partnered with EnCata. The process of work involved is as following:

  •  Initial project planning
  • PCB design and prototyping
  • Housing design
  •  Delivery of POC prototypes
  •  Prototype testing


The process of work involved in the software workstream are as following:

  •            Architecture design
  •            Firmware
  •            Embedded
  •            Cloud configuration
  •           iOS and Android development
  •            Back-end configuration
  •            System Testing


As per SaM Solution, the joint development teams followed an agile methodology throughout the project. In addition, they used some of the latest and most leading-edge technologies such as AWS Lamda, AWS IoT Core, and Google Firebase.


  • Architecture: Firmware/SDK, Cloud computing, Client-server applications
  • Front-End: Java, RxJava2, – Swift, RxSwift
  • Back-End:  Python 3, DB – DynamoDB, boto3 library, Notifications – Google Firebase
  • Storage – AWS IAM, Logs – AWS Cloudwatch, AWS S3, Authentication – AWS Cognito
  • Firmware – ESP-IDF
  • Other Technologies and Tools: Serverless architecture – AWS Lambda, IoT – AWS IoT Core

How does it function?

KORU Smart Plant Pot (Imge Credit: SaM Solutions)

Koru smart plant pot uses intelligent sensors to monitor the health and environment of the plant constantly. The device automatically brings its surroundings back to normal when a high level of pollution is detected. The internet connection is via an integrated Wi-Fi module. It allows users to track the condition of plants.

Moreover, the tank includes 2+ liters of water. When the time is right for a refill, the mobile app will inform you. The smart Plant Pot reminds us to take care of the plant when necessary because of the integrated temperature and moisture sensors. The device doesn’t produce any noise while functioning.

What kind of plant can you grow on Smart Pot?

The question might arise about what kind of plant can be grown in the Smart Plant Pot. Well, any house plant of your choice can be grown in the smart pot. On the Koru cloud database, they have data on more than 150 plants. It includes information regarding plant care based on their traits.

What are the benefits of Smart Pot?

Koru Smart Plant Pot
KORU Smart Plant Pot(Image via SaM Solutions)

With IoT sensors and an artificial intelligence system, you can control the condition of your plants remotely. The Koru Smart Pot will take care of the plant watering and the level of lighting and humidity for your plant. Furthermore, the device has air purification functions that are particularly advantageous for highly polluting urban areas.

While the product is on display on the official website of Botany Labs, it is not available for purchase. According to Sam Solutions, the “Koru” Smart Plant Pot Koru will be available for buying at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

In the context of Nepal, IoT and Home Automations are gradually paving their path. IoT integrated systems are still a new subject to many households. In this scenario, it will be interesting to see the response of Nepalese towards Smart Plant Pot if released in Nepal. All in all, I guess we will also get access to smart gardening products sooner or later.

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