inDriver App Threat or Competition? My Experience with inDriver App as Passenger

Rojeena Khadka

inDriver App

Ride-sharing apps like inDriver App have changed the market dynamics. People can request a vehicle to come to their doorstep at a specific price.

  • Select the Transportation.
  • Set the fare you believe is reasonable.
  • Select your driver.

You work from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Kathmandu, and now tell me you’ve never been stuck in Kathmandu traffic. Also, imagine you are in a rush to get to a specific location, you don’t have your vehicle, and you don’t trust your city’s public transportation. Isn’t it true that we don’t have to imagine both of these scenarios? We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.

A few weeks ago, I had a similar experience. I didn’t have much time on my hands, and I’d already scheduled an appointment. Also aggravating the problem was the high traffic. Well, I had the option of using a ride-hailing app, but you will still be skeptical about your request being accepted. This time, though, inDrive App came to my rescue. I was trying out this app for the first time, and I have to say, I’ve never been this satisfied with a ride-hailing service. Having said that, the other ride-hailing app in Nepal also provides the greatest service. However, the swift service I received from inDrive was unrivaled.

What did I like the most about the app as a user?

Decent Bargaining at both ends

The InDriver App allows users and riders to choose their price range. Users and riders can each add their price to this platform, which must not be less than the app’s suggested making their own adjustments.

I know that these ride-hailing apps are meant to provide a bargain-free experience for both consumers and riders. However, you may rest assured that bargaining on this app won’t be that intense. It is more fun because both sides can choose the pricing on this site. However, you must keep in mind that this app won’t let you go below the specific price. Meanwhile, the ability to offer a price is a game-changer in itself in a price-sensitive market like Nepal. Almost every other ride-hailing service gives you a price estimate upfront.

inDriver App
inDriver App

A location that is simple to find

The navigation of the destination is my favorite feature of this program. I am one of those people that gets lost even after using Google Maps. What I mean to say is that I’m terrible at finding my way around a map and constantly have trouble navigating the exact location on Google Maps. But with inDriver App, all I had to do was type in my address and it was there. This level of map optimization is hardly seen in another ride-sharing apps.

Why inDriver App is getting popular in Nepal?

Marketing Strategy

I recall seeing an advertisement for the inDrive App on YouTube, which I had previously ignored. And not only on YouTube, but they have advertised their program on so many platforms, that it didn’t go overlooked. The advertisements have increased user awareness, while their message about inDriver’s Unique Selling Point – price bidding – has kept consumers engaged with the app.

Although inDriver is an international application, its team has conducted thorough research into the Nepalese market. They knew that satisfied drivers were required to break into the Nepalese market. The immediate tech support and contact from the team to remotely recruit all of the drivers made them feel appreciated and trusted. Similarly, the inDriver App’s teams went on adapting social media marketing and word-of-mouth marketing strategies.

User-Friendly App

inDriver App
inDriver App

inDriver is a very simple and straightforward application. Additionally, its map optimization is excellent. As I have mentioned before, even the most popular systems, such as Pathao and Tootle, do not give this level of optimization. The user interface of this app is very basic which makes it easier to use. Furthermore, the application is used by both the drivers and the passengers because of the switch-app feature.

One of the reasons this app stands out is that anyone can easily use this application. The user interface of this is quite simple. Furthermore, the inDriver App has reduced the annoyance caused by Tootle’s unstable user experience and Pathao’s unreliable maps. And, because inDriver App is already fully operational in the worldwide market, it has a better chance of breaking into the Nepali market than the two giants that were built from the ground up.

This is only my perspective. What worked for me or was convenient for me might not work for you. Similarly, you might feel a little hesitant about its price-bidding feature. However, you will find it appropriate for the market we are in. In general, users are more concerned with having reliable transport at a reasonable cost. As a result, we are constantly moving from one application to the next to have a more convenient journey.

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