I5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band Review

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i5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band
i5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band
Smart wearables have been trending nowadays and many world-renowned brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and much more are already been in the wearable segments with their wonderfully designed wearables with some unique and great features to help the user in the day to day life. Similarly to the world renowned brands, there are few brands whom we have not heard but they are delivering wearables with the same functionality and build quality in much affordable price. In this article, we are reviewing I5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band which has similar and more functionality and comes with a very affordable price tag.


The design of I5 Plus is simple and impressively build just like its predecessor I5. The wearable has more or less similar rectangle design just like Fitbit and Microsoft band and has a capacitive touch display at the front. The band has a removable plastic strap which can be detached from the main body. Although the band is detachable it has a sturdy and elegant look.
i5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band
i5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band

I5 Plus supports full USB which allows a user to charge it from any of the compatible USB port and does not require any external charger or adapter.


I5 Plus comes with 0.91 inches OLED touch screen which is capable of showing 32 characters at a time (large fonts) which makes it easy to read the notifications and messages right through the band. The display comes with a screen resolution of 128 x 64 pixels which is normal for 0.91 inches screen size.
i5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band
i5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band
Outdoor visibility is the main concern in every wearable but due to the high brightness level of I5 Plus, it is very convenient to use it outdoors but under direct sunlight, it is a bit hard to see the display.


Like any other smart wearable I5 Plus also need an app(Zeroner) to sync with the smartphone. The app is available in the App Store and Play Store to download, for free. I5 Plus connects with Bluetooth, like any other smart wearables and requires Bluetooth v4.0 or higher in the smartphone to connect. Along with the Bluetooth version, there is another requirement which is the operating system version of the smartphone. The minimum requirement for using I5 Plus for Android is v.4.3 or higher and for iOS is v7.0 or higher.
Zeroner App
Zeroner App

The companion app Zeroner requires you to log in, to keep your data on track and sync with the smartphone so that you will not lose your records. I5 Plus is able to keep a record of your data for more than 1 day, even if you don’t connect the smartphone, it will keep track of your data and when you connect to the smartphone, it will automatically sync the data with the smartphone which is one of the best reason why I am still using this smart fitness band.

Menu and Navigation

I5 Plus has versatile features which make it a great companion which helps to track the progress automatically. We can Navigate through the menu, by swiping left and right and to select navigation item we need to press on the display for a bit of time. Below are the functions which can be accessed through by swiping left and right.
i5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band Menu and Navigation Options
i5 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band Menu and Navigation Options
Time and Date Display
Although you can see the time in I5 Plus you cannot manually change the time and date from the smart wear itself as you will have to connect and sync the device with the smartphone so that it can sync details like date, time and setting from the app. To see the time in the I5 Plus you have to tap on the screen or if you have enabled the gesture from the app then you simply do wrist gesture. Whereas to see the date you have to tap on the screen or swipe left/right.
Sleep and Fitness Tracking
I5 Plus uses the accelerometer sensor to track the user’s fitness progress and sleep time. The key attraction in this smart wearable is that it can track if you are in sleep or not and distinguish between light sleep and sound sleep.
i5 Plus Sleep Tracking
i5 Plus Sleep Tracking

Talking about the fitness tracking, it can track almost every step you walk, as no fitness track is accurate so the accelerometer data can be taken as an estimation.

Push notifications

[post_ads_2]Whenever the phone rings your I5 Plus vibrates and shows the caller ID on the screen and lets you know about the incoming call. Similarly, when you get any notification from apps or messages, it vibrates and shows you the first 32 characters from the notification. But there is a limitation to what the app will transmit and for which,the band will vibrate and let you know about the notification, as it only supports few of the notifications from apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype. Hopefully, it will get an update and support other applications too.

Alarm Clock

This feature is a great help for me as I can set multiple alarms according to the need which helps me to remember important things. What I like about the Alarm functionality is that I can set different patterns depending on the date and time they will activate. Due to which I can set multiple alarms for a week or for a day.

Find My Phone

This function, to have on the wearable is great as it lets find your phone easily by ringing it, but to do this there is a requirement which has to be fulfilled which is that, the phone has to be in the Bluetooth’s range. The smart band will not automatically vibrate just like many smart wearables do but it will ring the phone just by tapping on the Find My Phone option on the band but you need to be connected to the Phone.

Battery Life

I5 Plus comes with 75 mAh battery, which according to the company, normally lasts for 4-5 days of normal use but from my experience, it can last up to 7 days if your phone gets few notifications, calls and has few or no alarms. I5 Plus requires 30 minutes of charging which will give you around 5-7 days of battery backup.


I5 comes with some pretty useful features which are used in normal day to day life. I have been using I5 Plus for the past 3 months and till now I am more than satisfied with the features and built-in quality and for its price, there is no any complaint. I5 Plus also comes with IP67 certification due to which I don’t need to worry as it is certified to be dust and water resistance. Although this band lacks a bit of feature for the price and build quality, these minor features can easily be neglected. This smart band can be regarded as the Best smart wearable in its price range.

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