Huawei “Seeds for the Future” Program launched in Nepal

Rojeena Khadka

Seeds for the Future

Huawei has been hosting the “Seed for the Future” its international CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) program since 2008. And finally, Huawei “Seeds for the Future” Program has launched in Nepal starting this year. Huawei’s “Seeds for the Future” program is part of its digital talent development ecosystem. Furthermore, this program is for undergraduate students in all ICT-related areas. Initially, the program was first started in 2008 in Thailand and extended to over 130 nations. Since then, it has served over 9000 students from all disciplines of the ICT-related area.

Huawei “Seed for the Future” launching Ceremony: 

The company officially opened the Seeds for the Future program in Nepal at a media meeting held on 6th October 2021 in Patan Dhoka. Although, the program will allow 20 students to participate in this international curriculum this year. The students will have to pass a competitive application process. The program selection committee includes pioneers of the Nepalese ICT Department. They are Prof. Dr. Shashishar Ram Joshi, Prof. Timila Yami, and Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya. 

What does the program offer?

Seeds for the Future

The curriculum offers students an online interactive class of 8 days and a first-hand insight into the Nepalese ICT industry. Similarly, the online curriculum includes basic levels and advanced courses on essential technologies. You can learn about 5G, cloud computers and AI, and get virtual tours of China. Moreover, students will listen to experts who share insights on a wide range of topics from the cyber security industry to the aerospace industry. On the other hand, students will immerse themselves in an interactive and dynamic club that enables cross-cultural interchanges with fellows from different countries. Subsequently, students will participate in a group “Tech-4Good” project. In addition, the student will get a glimpse of Huawei history and technological developments.

The students will also acquire their insights into the ICT industry in Nepal through an overnight excursion to a Huawei base station in a scenic place in December. Similarly, the student will visit the Huawei Nepal office. There they will introduce them to Huawei’s vast experiences in the ICT industry in Nepal.

Who can apply for the program?

The curriculum is designed for students with an excellent academic foundation from any ICT background. A 

GPA of 3.0 or above or ranking in the top 30% in ICT faculty is the minimum requirement. However, the person who applies for this program needs to have a keen interest in the ICT industry and enthusiasm for learning.

Seeds for the Future
Seeds for the Future

How can you apply?

If you are interested and meet the criteria, you can go to this website ( and log in here. After logging in, you can start your application process.

 Application Material:

Students need to attach the latest transcript or recommendation letter from their university. Similarly, they must submit a 600-word motivation letter or SOP which reflects their objective to participate, enthusiasm in ICT, and learning new things. Finally, the Committee of Selection then nominates the nominees. 

Selection process:

There will be two-phase in the selection process: Initial screening and Interview. During the screening process, the selection committee selects eligible students based on the application materials they have submitted. In the second process, the interview will be conducted among the selected candidates. In the end, they will decide on 20 final candidates who are considered part of the program.

Since the program and participation are online, Seeds for the Future invites ICT students from all around Nepal to submit their applications. The entries started from 6th October 2021 and the application deadline is on 7th November 2021. 

What will happen after the program?

Seeds for the Future
Seeds for the Future

When the program is completed, students will join the alumni network to reinforce their sense of belonging, which includes private webinars, roundtable dialogs, celebrations, and others.

Summary of Press Conference:

At a press conference, Professor Yami encouraged the media in Nepal to focus on Huawei’s past since Huawei’s history was a model for the globe. She said she has confidence that Huawei “Seeds for the Future” will be a successful program in Nepal with the support of brilliant students. Similarly, she believes the initiative will stimulate creativity amongst students that will add value to Nepal. 

William Zhang, CEO of Huawei Technologies Nepal Pvt Ltd., hopes Nepali students will show great enthusiasm to attend the program. Zhang pointed out that in the next five years, the organization aims to produce 10,000 ICT talent.

“Huawei intends to support Nepal in building the foundation for the digital economy by partnering with all ICT stakeholders through broadband connectivity, data centers, club and computer services and other new technologies of Nepal.”

During its 21 years of operation in Nepal, Huawei supported the public sector, commercial companies, and all industry sectors in their digital transformation through telecom, company, and public cloud service and solutions.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the IT field is emerging in Nepal. On top of that, young students are choosing an IT based career. In such time, Huawei “Seeds for the Future” Program launched in Nepal can open the path for many talented students in the ICT sectors. In addition, the program is the platform that enables students to get exposure and understanding of work in the global ICT industries. With so many ICT enthusiasts across Nepal, I think it’s a great platform for them to learn new things and test their limits.

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