Dell Laptops Price In Nepal [2024 May Update]

Sushmita Shrestha

Dell Laptops Price In Nepal

Dell in Nepal caters to the diverse needs of laptops for buyers across various price brackets. The selection encompasses popular series such as Inspiron, Vostro, XPS, Gaming “G,” and several others. In this article, we provide a comprehensive list of all available Dell laptops in Nepal, including their respective prices and availability. The list is only based on the latest model that offers improved performance offered by 11th and 12th-gen processors.

Dell Laptops Price In Nepal

Dell LaptopsSpecsPrice in Nepal
Inspiron 3000 Series
Inspiron 15 352015.6″ FHD, Intel i5-1235URs. 69,000 (8/512GB)
15.6″ FHD 120Hz, Intel i5-1235U, MX550Rs. 87,000 (8/512GB)
15.6″ FHD, Intel i7-1255URs. 89,000 (8/512GB)
Inspiron 15 353015.6″ FHD, Intel i3-1305URs. 77,520 (8/512GB)
15.6″ FHD, Intel i5-1335URs. 88,880 (8/512GB)
15.6″ FHD, Intel i7-1355URs. 117,400 (8/512GB)
15.6″ FHD, Intel i5-1335U, MX550Rs. 119,300 (8/512GB)
15.6″ FHD, Intel i7-1355U, MX550Rs. 138,800 (16/512GB)
Inspiron 15 353515.6” FHD, Ryzen 7530URs. 88,880 (16/512GB)
15.6” FHD, Ryzen 7730URs. 105,040 (16/512GB)
Inspiron 5000 Series
Inspiron 14 542014” FHD, i5 1235URs. 115,000 (8/256GB)
14” FHD, i7 1255U, MX 570Rs. 177,000 (16GB/1TB)
Inspiron 14 542514” FHD, Ryzen 5625URs. 105,000 (8/512GB)
Inspiron 14 543514” FHD, Ryzen 7530URs. 98,420 (8/256GB)
14” FHD, Ryzen 7730URs. 125,000 (16/512GB)
Inspiron 14 543014” FHD, Intel i7-1335URs. 118,350 (8/512GB)
14” FHD, Intel i7-1335URs. 141,640 (8/512GB)
14” FHD+, Intel i7-1360PRs. 118,000 (16/1024GB)
14” 2.5K, Intel i5-1340P, RTX 2050Rs. 163,000 (16/512GB)
14” 2.5K, Intel i7-1360P, RTX 2050Rs. 183,370 (16GB/1TB)
Inspiron 16 562016.1” FHD, Intel i5-1235URs. 88,000 (8/256GB)
16.1” FHD, Intel i7-1255URs. 131,000 (16GB/1TB)
16.1” FHD, Intel i5-1240P, MX570Rs. 167,000 (8GB/512TB)
Inspiron 16 562516.1” FHD, Ryzen 5625URs. 106,000 (8/512GB)
16.1” FHD, Ryzen 5825URs. 122,000 (8/512GB)
Inspiron 16 563516” FHD, Ryzen 7730URs. 126,900 (16/512GB)
Inspiron 16 563016” FHD, Intel i5-1335URs. 121,200 (8/512GB)
16” FHD, Intel i5-1340P, RTX 2050Rs. 157,320 (16/512GB)
16” FHD, Intel i7-1360P, RTX 2050Rs. 176,340 (16/512GB)
Inspiron 7000 Series
Inspiron 14 7420 14” FHD Touch, Intel i5-1235URs. 115,000 (16/512GB)
14” FHD Touch, Intel i7-1255URs. 120,000 (16/512GB)
Inspiron 14 743014″ FHD Touch, Intel i5-1335URs. 115,000 (8/512GB)
14″ FHD Touch, Intel i5-1335U, 1-year InsuranceRs. 120,00 (8/512GB)
14″ FHD Touch, Intel i7-1355URs. 135,000 (16/512GB)
Inspiron 14 Plus14” 2.2K, Intel i7-12700HRs. 120,000 (16/512GB)
Dell “G” Gaming Series
G15 5520 (2022)15.6” FHD 120Hz, Intel i5-12500H, RTX 3050Rs. 125,000 (16/512GB)
15.6” FHD 120Hz, Intel i7-12700H, RTX 3050 TiRs. 175,000 (16/512GB)
15.6” FHD 120Hz, Intel i7-12700H, RTX 3060Rs. 215,000 (16/512GB)
G15 5530 (2023)15.6″ FHD 120Hz, Intel i5-13450HX, RTX 3050Rs. 157,300 (16/512GB)
15.6″ FHD 165Hz, Intel i5-13650HX, RTX 4050Rs. 216,260 (16/512GB)
15.6″ FHD 165Hz, Intel i5-13650HX, RTX 4060Rs. 238,600 (16/512GB)
Alienware m15 R7 (2022)15.6” QHD 240Hz, Intel i7-12700H, RTX 3060Rs. 232,800 (16/512GB)
Alienware m15 r7 (2023)15.6” QHD+ 165Hz, Intel i7-13700HX, RTX 4070Rs. 280,000 (16GB/1TB)
Alienware x14 (2022)14” FHD 144Hz, Intel i7-12700H, RTX 3050Rs. 195,000 (16GB/512GB)
14” FHD 144Hz, Intel i7-12700H, RTX 3060Rs. 235,000 (32GB/1TB)
Vostro Series
Vostro 14 343014” FHD, Intel i5-1335URs. 92,000 (8/512GB)
Vostro 15 352015.6” FHD 120Hz, Intel i5-1235U, MX550Rs. 80,000 (8/512GB)
15.6” FHD 120Hz, Intel i7-1255U, MX550Rs. 115,000 (8/512GB)
Latitude Series
Latitude 743014” HD, Intel i5-1235URs. 190,000 (16/256GB)
XPS Series
XPS 13 931513.4” FHD, Intel i7-1250URs. 190,000 (16/512GB)
13.4” FHD Touch, Intel i7-1250URs. 210,000 (16/512GB)
XPS 13 Plus 932013.4” 3.5K OLED, Intel 1260PRs. 282,000 (16/512GB)
13.4” 3.5K Touch OLED, Intel 1360P Rs. 280,000 (16/512GB)
13.4” 3.5K Touch OLED, Intel 1360P Rs. 309,900 (16GB/1TB)
XPS 15 953015.6” 3.5K Touch OLED, Intel i7-13700H, RTX 4050 Rs. 290,900 (32GB/1TB)
15.6” 3.5K Touch OLED, Intel i9-13900H, RTX 4060Rs. 441,900 (32GB/1TB)

Dell Inspiron 3000 Series in Nepal

The Inspiron 3000 series is Dell’s starting point in the lineup of Inspiron laptops. This means these laptops are the most budget-friendly ones offered by the company. Typically, these laptops come with Intel UHD graphics (or a basic Nvidia GPU) and either 4 or 8GB of RAM. Dell Laptops Price In Nepal

When it comes to processing power, you have options ranging from 11th-gen Tiger Lake-U CPUs and newer ones. The Inspiron 3000 series laptops are a good fit for young students or anyone needing a laptop for basic tasks like web browsing, watching movies, and managing documents.

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series in Nepal

An improvement from the 3000 series, these laptops belong to the middle range of Dell’s Inspiron series. They offer better performance, build quality, and more features. Despite being an upgrade, the Inspiron 5000 series is still suitable for the same types of users, including students, beginner programmers, and enterprise users.

In Nepal, you can get Dell Inspiron 5000 series laptops in 13, 14, 15, and 17-inch models, running on either Intel or AMD processors. However, the larger 17-inch models are currently unavailable. Dell Laptops Price In Nepal

Dell Inspiron 7000 Series in Nepal

Next up, the Dell Inspiron 7000 series focuses on delivering a stronger performance within a stylish metallic body that boasts a luxurious finish. This series is better tailored for corporate, enterprise, and various professional users. Dell Laptops Price In Nepal

You can currently purchase these laptops from ITTI and Neoteric. All of them run on either 11th, 12th, or 13th generation Intel processors, or Ryzen 5000, 6000, or 7000 series processors. They also have a somewhat similar set of specifications.

Dell G Gaming Series in Nepal

Gaming laptops have been popular for a while, and Dell didn’t want to miss out on this trend. They offer a range of gaming laptops under the ‘G’ series, including the “G3,” “G5,” and “G7” models, each with different designs and performance levels.

To meet gaming requirements, Dell’s G series laptops have good processors and, importantly, strong graphics processing units (GPUs). In Nepal, you can get Dell’s gaming laptops with NVIDIA’s GTX, RTX, or AMD’s RX graphics. There are also a few gaming laptops from the Alienware lineup available.

Dell Alienware Laptops in Nepal

In 1996, two childhood friends started Alienware as a hobby, building desktop computers. They launched their first gaming laptop in 2002. Dell acquired the company in 2006 because it had grown significantly in the 1990s and early 2000s. Today, Alienware has two main series of high-quality gaming laptops.

  • X Series: The Alienware X-series gaming laptops are made to meet the increasing demand for portable gaming laptops. These laptops feature Alienware’s Legend design with a Lunar Silver finish created by nano-bead blasting. You can choose between 14″ and 16″ models.
  • M Series: The M series, on the other hand, comes with the best Alienware hardware. It doesn’t compromise on portability and form factors. You have the option to choose between 16-inch and 18-inch models, available in a Dark Metallic Moon finish.

Dell Vostro Series in Nepal

The “Vostro” series, despite its cool name, used to be a popular set of Dell laptops mainly for business users. However, it was temporarily stopped in 2013 due to evolving technology and lower demand.

Now, Dell has brought back the Vostro lineup, and you can find the newest Vostro laptops in Nepal. These laptops have a stylish and professional design, offering good specifications and improved security features.

Dell Latitude Series in Nepal

Dell’s “Latitude” series is designed for business use and features a professional and well-finished design. If you are a target consumer seeking a business-oriented laptop, this series might be a suitable choice. However, the available models in Nepal may not be very powerful, especially in terms of graphics. In this case, I recommend considering a better option from the Inspiron series, which comes with a dedicated graphics card.

Dell XPS Series in Nepal

Dell’s XPS (Xtreme Performance System) series of convertible laptops is widely praised globally as one of the top Windows laptops. Renowned for its high-performance capabilities in a small, compact, lightweight, and highly portable design.

However, due to its compact size, it compromises on a powerful GPU, making it not the ideal choice for tasks like video editing or running demanding AAA games, despite its relatively high prices. With the latest processors and excellent keyboards, XPS laptops come in three screen sizes: 13, 15, and 17 inches. It’s worth noting that the 17-inch variant is currently unavailable in Nepal.

  • The XPS 13 is Dell’s most popular laptop, well-regarded as a top-tier ultrabook. While it originally had a 13.3-inch screen, recent models feature a slightly larger 13.4-inch display with a modern 16:10 aspect ratio for a sleek appearance.
  • In 2022, Dell introduced the XPS 13 Plus, a step up from the traditional XPS 13. It maintains the 13.4-inch size but incorporates the latest innovations, including an edge-to-edge keyboard, capacitive function row, and borderless glass with haptic feedback.
  • Moving to the XPS 15, this laptop boasts a 15-inch display, making it larger than the XPS 13 and 13 Plus. The increased size allows Dell to include a more robust H-series processor and even NVIDIA’s discrete graphics for enhanced performance. Dell Laptops Price In Nepal
  • Surprisingly, Dell managed to create a 17-inch ultrabook with the XPS 17, a challenging feat given the need for a thin and light design. Introduced in 2020, Dell has consistently updated this model annually, showcasing their ability to balance a large display with portability.

Where to Purchase Dell Laptops in Nepal?

Neoteric Nepal, affiliated with the Golchha Organisation and Generation Next Communications, is the authorized seller of Dell laptops in Nepal. They currently offer laptops from the Inspiron, Latitude, G, and XPS series. You have the option to make your purchase online through Neoteric’s e-commerce platforms, Neostore, and Genxt. Dell Laptops Price In Nepal

Alternatively, you can visit their showrooms situated in key locations across the Kathmandu Valley, including Jawalakhel, Maitighar, and Newroad. In addition to Neoteric, Dell laptops are also available for purchase in Nepal from other stores like Hukut, ITTI, LDS, Zozo Hub, and BigByte.

Dell Authorized Distributor in Nepal

Store NameContact No.AddressWebsite
Neoteric01-555-3222, 9801-200100Norkhang Complex, Jawalakhel; New
Generation Next Communication (GENXT)01-4220864Sherpa Mall, 2nd Floor; Durbar
Dell Authorized Distributor in Nepal

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of Dell laptops in Nepal?

The price of Dell laptops (2023) varies from Rs. 61,000 to Rs. 380,000 in Nepal.

What is the price of Dell Inspiron laptops in Nepal?

The price of Dell laptops (2023) varies from Rs. 61,000 to Rs. 380,000 in Nepal.

Which Dell laptop is good for gamers?

Dell has a G series of gaming laptops for beginners and an Alienware brand for competitive gamers.

What is the price of Dell laptop in Nepal 2023?

The price of Dell laptops (2023) varies from Rs. 61,000 to Rs. 380,000 in Nepal.

What are the different series of Dell laptops available in Nepal?

Dell offers a variety of laptop series in Nepal, including Inspiron (3000, 5000, 7000), Gaming “G” Series (G3, G5, G7), Alienware (X Series, M Series), Vostro, , and LatitudeXPS (Xtreme Performance System).

Which Dell laptop series is suitable for budget-conscious users?

The Inspiron 3000 series is the most budget-friendly option, catering to users with basic computing needs.

What is unique about Dell Alienware laptops available in Nepal?

Alienware laptops are high-quality gaming laptops known for their performance. The X-series focuses on portability, while the M-series features top-tier hardware without compromising on form factors.

Which series is recommended for business users in Nepal?

The Vostro series and Latitude series are designed for business users, offering a professional design and improved security features.

Where can I purchase Dell laptops in Nepal?

Neoteric Nepal is the authorized seller of Dell laptops in Nepal. You can buy them online through Neostore and Genxt or visit their showrooms in key locations across the Kathmandu Valley. Dell laptops are also available in other stores like Hukut, ITTI, LDS, Zozo Hub, and BigByte.

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